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It’s Panto Time!

We are very excited to bring you a brand new panto this holiday season. Freshly written by Christine Nicholson and Luther Hanson, it’s time to Join Mother Goose on her farm-to-fork ranch in the El Dorado Hills, where she cooks up homegrown meals for everyone, and where she and Father Goose, and the kids, try to meet the economic challenges of running a generous cafe, and resist the challenges of possible fame and fortune. And there’s the goose who lays the golden eggs—loads of songs, dancing, silliness, and crazy fun for the whole family.

Cast List

Jake Brooks – Bad Fairy
Veronica Dressel – Spoon/Lucy Goose
Deandre Fritz – Jeremiah
Sheli Haerter – Ms. Aubergine Starfruit
Tem Huerta – Tamilda
Sinead Kennedy – Mayor Angelina Steinbar
Phillip Kim – Father Goose
Jim Laferriere – Mr.Grabby, The Landlord
Mia Matista – Jack
Holly Nicola – Blossom Smokeyfield
Skye Owens – Good Fairy
Julia Pickens – Jill
Bill Qarau – Sandy Loamy
Mike Sicilia – Mother Goose
Marcus Wilson – Chokeberry McFargus/Lucy Goose

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